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Solar Panel Cleaning, Servicing, Repairs and Maintenance

Fluro Electrics provide a full range of solar panel servicing, repairs and maintenance throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne including homes and businesses in Plenty.

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Solar Panels Plenty

Solar Panel Servicing

Regular servicing of your solar panels is essential for maintaining their performance level and ensuring they continue to operate efficiently as a long-lasting investment to your home or business.

Our solar panel service includes: 

  • Comprehensive check of the system and documented with photos required by your power distribution network
  • DC Voltage checks of solar arrays
  • DC Amp check of solar arrays, visual panel condition check of cell hot spots, and any cracks/damage to glass and panel fixing tension check
  • Panel cleaning
  • Array DC wiring condition to make sure it’s supported correctly and resting on underside of panels or the roof
  • DC isolator condition check, DC isolator terminals tension check, DC isolator operation (on/off), inverter condition and performance to ensure inverter shut down and start up times meet AS/NZS 5033 requirements

We also provide advice and recommendations on what can be done to make sure the system keeps working safely and continues to save you money on your power costs.

solar panel maintenance Plenty

Solar Panel Maintenance and Repairs

The industry regulations for solar panels have changed a lot in the last 6-8 years and so have the standards of installations.

Some common maintenance and repair issues we can help with include:

Older systems

  • incorrect and illegal polarised circuit breakers as DC isolators
  • isolators mounted incorrectly and fixed/mounted in a way that compromises the IP rating.


  • water entering the isolators causing dangerous conditions
  • sun affected isolators becoming brittle
  • loose panel clamps
  • DC wiring not supported and dangling on roof which can lead to build up of debris and water entering MC4 Plugs
  • ageing panel cells burning out

Inverter Faults

  • Inverters mounted facing direct sun with no shade covers, often leading to damaged LCD screens
  • Inverter showing nothing at all
  • Error codes
  • Warning lights
  • Relay faults
solar panel repair Plenty.

Why Choose Fluro Electrics for Your Solar Panels?

Our team of solar experts at Fluro Electrics are fully registered and accredited by the Clean Energy Council and have over 10 years experience in solar panel installation, servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Properly maintaining your solar panels can help reduce your energy costs, increase sustainability and add value to your home or business, reducing your reliance on electricity and the ever rising cost of electricity tariffs. Efficient solar systems also reduce your carbon footprint, as solar panels are a renewable energy source, minimising your home’s greenhouse gas emissions.

For all your solar panel needs, contact us today.

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