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Design & Installation

At Fluro Electrics, we know lighting is more than just a utility—it’s an essential part of your home or business that can transform your space. We can design and install lighting to suit your home, office or factory across all of Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs including South Morang, Reservoir, Epping, Thomastown, Doreen, Bundoora, Eltham, Heidelberg , Macleod & Mill Park.

Whether you’re looking to accentuate the architectural details of your home or optimise your commercial space, our team has the skills and know-how to get it done right. With a focus on design and high-quality installation, we’ll work with you to ensure your lighting enhances your space while meeting all safety guidelines. Your satisfaction is our goal, and we back all our work with a lifetime guarantee. When you’re ready to discuss your lighting needs, don’t hesitate to request a free quote or give us a call.

Indoor Lighting South Morang

Domestic Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Illuminate your home in the way that suits you best—be it for entertainment, tasks, or setting the perfect mood. Fluro Electrics is your go-to source for comprehensive indoor lighting solutions. Our offerings are not just about brightening your space; they’re about enhancing your home to suit your lifestyle. From the first free quote to the final switch flick, Fluro Electrics can design and install a range of indoor lighting solutions. 

Our domestic electrical services include wiring and installation of: 

South Morang Domestic Lighting

LED Lights

Looking for an energy-efficient way to brighten up your home? LED lights are not only long-lasting but also eco-friendly. They offer a versatile solution for various lighting needs, be it ambient or task-specific.

Our team will install LEDs that complement your space, ensuring they’re both functional and stylish.

Indoor Lighting South Morang


Downlights provide a sleek and modern look, focusing light downwards to highlight specific areas or features in a room. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas, these fixtures can make a space feel larger and more open.

We can install downlights that not only enhance your interior but also operate efficiently and safely.

South Morang Indoor Lighting

Pendant Lights 

Pendant lights are not just lighting fixtures; they’re decorative elements that can add character to your room. Whether you want a simple design for a minimalist look or a statement piece that grabs attention, we’ve got you covered.

Pendant lights work exceptionally well over kitchen islands, dining tables, or even in the living room.

South Morang Indoor Lighting System


For those looking to add a statement piece or touch of elegance to their homes, chandeliers are the perfect option. Usually reserved for dining rooms or entryways, these eye-catching fixtures can transform any space.

At Fluro Electrics, we’ll help you pick out the ideal chandelier that complements your home’s decor, and install it securely.

Domestic Lighting South Morang

Strip Lighting

If you’re looking for a lighting option that offers both utility and aesthetics, strip lighting is worth considering. Great for under-cabinet kitchen lighting or adding a modern touch to entertainment units, strip lights offer a low-profile yet effective lighting solution.

We ensure the strip lighting is installed seamlessly, optimising both safety and functionality. 

Outdoor Lighting

The right lighting can take your outdoor space from ordinary to extraordinary, providing both functionality and ambiance. At Fluro Electrics, we offer a variety of outdoor lighting solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed to keep your property safe. Our commitment to timely, budget-friendly and safe service means you can focus on enjoying your outdoor areas while we take care of the technicalities.  

Our outdoor lighting options include: 

Outdoor Lighting South Morang

Garden Lighting 

Garden lighting can be used to highlight specific elements of your garden or to provide security and accessibility through lighting of pathways and seating areas.

We install efficient and durable lights that can withstand the elements, ensuring your outdoor area stays lit for years to come.

South Morang Outdoor Lighting

Patio & Deck Lighting 

Patios and decks are extensions of your living space and deserve just as much attention when it comes to lighting. Whether you’re hosting an evening barbecue or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors, the right lighting can make all the difference.

Fluro Electrics can create a design that complements your entertainment area, making it both practical and inviting.

South Morang Security Lighting

Security Lighting 

The safety of your property should never be compromised. Our security lighting options are designed to deter unwanted visitors and give you peace of mind.

Using motion sensors and strategically placed fixtures, we ensure that your home’s exteriors are well-lit, minimising potential hiding spots and improving overall security.

Commercial Lighting

South Morang Commercial Lighting


Studies show that lighting in an office has a big impact on productivity. Bright, natural lighting will enhance the mood of your employees. And as the saying goes, a happy worker is a good worker.

It also plays a major role in OH&S where employers must provide a safe workplace.

Indoor and Outdoor lighting Factory South Morang


Do you know the minimum lighting required in you factory?

Factory lighting regulations require enough lighting for task to be performed safely.  Exit and emergency lighting systems regulations also need to be adhered to.

Luckily, our commercial electricians have the tools and knowledge to get your business operating to its full potential.

Why Hire a Professional Electrician for Lighting Installation?

When it comes to lighting installation, it might be tempting to take a DIY approach, especially for seemingly straightforward tasks. However, opting for professional assistance from Fluro Electrics comes with a list of advantages that you shouldn’t overlook. We’re talking about more than just screwing in a light bulb; we’re talking about comprehensive planning, safe execution, and durable results that truly elevate your space.

Safety First: A trained electrician minimises the risks associated with electrical work, ensuring safe installation from start to finish.

Guaranteed Quality: Our work is backed by a lifetime guarantee and complies with all Australian Standards.

Cost-Effectiveness: Avoid future maintenance costs and potential property damage by trusting our skilled team to get the job done right the first time.

Fully Insured: Our insured service means your property is covered in the unlikely event of any issues, offering extra peace of mind.

Broad Expertise: We offer a comprehensive range of lighting solutions for both homes and businesses, ensuring your project is handled with seamless skill and exceptional results. 

Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Systems South Morang