House Rewiring

Does your home need rewiring? If your home is an older build or your wiring hasn’t been checked since the original electrical work, the answer may be yes.

Fluro Electrics residential sector can provide a safe cost effective electrical service at your home across all of Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs including South Morang, Reservoir, Epping, Thomastown, Doreen, Bundoora, Eltham, Heidelberg , Macleod & Mill Park.

Rewiring old houses is something we at Fluro Electrics excel at. From the start to finish you can expect a smooth process with next to no interruptions to your household electricity. We’ll get in the roof, under the house and anywhere else we need to to make sure every bit of existing old wiring is removed and replaced with new cables.

House Rewiring South Morang, Macleod, Bundoora, Eltham, Heidelberg & Reservoir

Servicing All of Metro Melbourne

Why Choose Fluro Electrics?

Our electricians can also fit new power points, switches and light fittings if required. Along with this, you get a new Switchboard housing, new Circuit Breakers and safety switches. We also advise on upgrade of mains cabling, meter panel and overhead point of attachment and mains box if we see anything that is not compliant.

For a no fuss high quality rewire. Call Fluro for any advice or free quote.